Annie Grimes Williams


From my studio in Winston-Salem, NC, I work full time as a metalsmith, and travel to exhibit in Craft Fairs as well as show work in galleries around the country. I'm active in the local arts scene and am also one of the co-founders and organizers of the Ardmore Art Walk here in Winston-Salem. I also teach enameling workshops at Sawtooth School for Visual Art and as a visiting artist in studios around the Southeast. When I'm not in the studio, I enjoy spending time with my husband, 8 year old son, and dog exploring the outdoors at local parks and retreating to the beach whenever possible.

My work is wearable art jewelry inspired by natural patterns and textures, period design movements such as Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern, and by color itself. I enjoy playing with organic vs geometric forms and creating unique and interesting color combinations. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques, such as shell forming, piercing, and enameling as well as contemporary and experimental techniques like torch fired liquid enamels. Color is a prominent feature in my work, and I love creating color variations in different ways. I use traditional enamel powders to create solid pieces in interesting color combinations, or I can apply in layers to create depth. I also use liquid form white enamel that I torch-fire, creating color variation based on enamel thickness and its reaction to heat. For these pieces, I include hand-drawn sgraffito designs, which are often my graphic interpretations of patterns found in nature, such as grasses blowing in the breeze or the pattern of oyster shells stacked up in a bed.

I love creating pieces that not only speak to my love for the natural world with nods toward period design elements, but also fuel my passion for the materials and techniques that have been used for many centuries and have a rich history of their own. I am honored to be able to put my own life into them and make unique and beautiful pieces to put out into the world. 

2024 Events

March 22: Spring Collection Release (at

April 12-14: Dogwood Festival - Atlanta, GA

April 20: FUSE Makers Market - Winston-Salem, NC

May 10-12: Artisphere - Greenville, SC

May 18-19: Artsplosure - Raleigh, NC

November 9: Ardmore Art Walk - Winston-Salem, NC

November 23-24: Piedmont Craftsmen's Fair - Winston-Salem, NC